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Updated: 31/08/14

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I come from a planet of outlaws. Billy the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, John Stamos…

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God that smile though. That’s a smile that I think Kieren probably used to have down perfectly. The smile that’s just enough to comfort and to reassure other people that he’s fine and that he’s listening etc. But I think since his death and return and the new traumas, he’s lost it a little.

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harry potter meme seven relationships [3/7] - the golden trio

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Cosima Niehaus~

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Cosima Niehaus~


when there’s a group of your friends hanging out and youre like trying to join the conversation but dont know howimage






This is excellent!

"Slutty Iron Man"

Mmmm, slutty Iron Man.

Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs are proud to present the Marauder’s Map.

As much as I would love to be a person that goes to parties and has a couple of drinks and has a nice time, that doesn’t work for me. I’d just rather sit at home and read, or go out to dinner with someone, or talk to someone I love, or talk to somebody that makes me laugh.

X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

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I was concerned, son! Yeah, I understand that. I understand that now. Very concerned. Why? 'Cause you know why. Tell me. You know! Come on, dad. Come on, harder! Come on!

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Happy 1st of September!